I have cummed 562 times for you. I counted every single one. Your humiliation gives me pleasure. I slapped my Dick incredibly hard. As you have told me. I do anything for you. Even die... if you say.

The emotions that are triggered in me, each time i find myself in front of a new photo, video or even a tweet of You are, frankly, unique and sublime. Of course, Your image compels me to get on my knees and in all four, expressing reverence and adoration. Then there is a rush that i can only describe as an urge to work for even the tiniest crumb of Your attention. And also, an instinct to recognize Your authority over me and celebrate the sweet torment You have prepared for all of us, Your man-pets and servants. Thank You, Goddess. On my knees in awe, Enthusiastic Pet.

Goddess, may I follow you on twitter? I have been serving you from afar for some time now. May I get out of timeout now?

People are always searching for something that would astonish the mind. The 2016's top entertainers that saturate the mind are: Goddess Christina and Donald Trump. I will do everything that's possible to make you famous Goddess. I pray to you every day.

Each time I watch your videos I cum harder and harder. You should be a dictator because your control is perfect and our world needs your perfection. Why have a girlfriend when I could worship such a piece of perfection. All Hail Goddess Christina.

Goddess, I give my life to you. I pray to you and worship you. You offer the best in this life. I buy every new clip and I never regret it. Buying your clips gives me greater satisfaction than jerking off.

I am so pathetic and worthless. Im a broke unemployed anti-social loser. Goddess you are my motivation to get a job, i know my first paycheck is going to you. I will never be free again, freedom is pain for someone as pathetic as me. I will never orgasm without permission again, i don't want to, nor do i even know if its possible.

I think that Goddess has broken my cock. It is permanently erect and gushing cum like a oil well, and I am spraying the room like a Jackson Pollock. Once I saw her incredible perfect body, that beautiful face, those legs, perfect feet, the ass of glory! I am unable to function! My heart is pounding like a drum pumping blood into my engorged cock straining it's limits it's about to burst like a balloon! My balls are on fire from overheating spewing sperm like bullets from the machine gun barrel! All my veins are swelled like the Hulk, my cum is flowing like Niagara Falls flooding the whole neighborhood! Please make it stop and save the city!

Every time I feel upset or depressed I watch Goddess Christina and I start to feel like in heaven immediately. You changed my life. I go to church but you are always in my mind when I pray. There is no-one like you. Thank you for life.

I cannot thank you enough with words My Goddess. I bought all your videos because you changed my life completely. You bring relief like no one. You have a supernatural power. You know how to use your gift. I sleep listening to your comforting voice every night. Please forgive my sins.

I pray and bow to you. I wonder how many others worship you as well.

Seeing your body, I cum like a geyser! The Bellagio fountains erupt less than I do. Seeing your hot body, long legs, and beautiful face, I'll probably drown in a sea of my own cum. My cock is like a fire hose attached to the hydrant on full blast. I overflowed my pool with semen just seeing your perfect ass! If I saw your pussy I'd flood the neighborhood and it would have to be evacuated as the flood of cum like Niagara Falls would probably fill the Grand Canyon if I saw your nipples.

I have seen so many videos with Goddess Christina and I am completely mesmerized by her beauty and power. I surrender each time I see her, I fall to my knees and I let her take control.

Thank You Goddess Christina, for setting the example of what a perfect Alpha Female should walk, talk, and look like. Your beauty is only matched by Your creativity and skill for fetishes. Some call it "homewrecking", I call it setting a higher standard. I only wish I had more talent or skill myself, to dedicate to pampering You. Instead, I have dedicated my energy towards building a respectable shrine to Your Superiorness. It will hang over the side of the closet where wifey keeps her shoe collection...and if she doesn't like it that flat chested bimbo can pack her bags.

Goddess christina I bow to you and pray to you. I think you created a new religion. I am your follower. You must write a book. I am going to buy it first. You will be well-known in history. There has never been anyone like you. I thank you Goddess.

I never thought I would get so excited by cock until Goddess Christina got into my mind. Now it's all I can think about. I want to praise Her for bringing me joy and desire from something that used to be repulsive to me.

Hello Goddess, I know I'm not worthy but I'm interested in applying to be one of your slaves.

This site has changed my life. I am older and had problems orgasming more than once per week. I am so excited in stroking and following the dictates of Christina that I now orgasm hard both morning and nite 7 days a week, and can't wait to get home at nite to stroke for her. Christina delves into psychological needs better than anyone. I recommend that everyone start with being a slave and that whole category and progress category by category to get the most out of succumbing to your submissive needs.

Oh Goddess Christina, discovering you has turned my life upside down After years of searching for – and failing to find - the one true dominant Goddess who i could wholeheartedly love, honor and (above all) obey, i am now convinced that i have found Her in You. The reasons are legion: your stunning beauty; your flawless body; your raw, unmediated sensuality; your keen intelligence; your natural authority; your razor sharp perception, calibrated to humble even the strongest of men; that look (oh that look!) in your eyes – those deep, dark pools where men will gladly let the waters close over their heads and drown, drown, drown… What a wonderful future now lies before me: days, weeks, months and years of obedience, servitude and gratitude! How i long to obey you, to serve you… and to pay tribute to You and You alone: On my knees i worship You my Goddess, For You bring meaning and purpose to my empty life!

my love for you is an understatement my perfect goddess. i would love one day to be in your presence & to serve you for the rest of my life. please control me i have no purpose but to serve you

I retract my earlier statement. I just got cum in my own fucking eye, I had no idea I was going to explode as much as I did. Stings like a bitch!

I've only found you tonight but my dick is completely red roar! You are the hottest girl i've came across in a long time.

Goddess you are incredibly beautiful and sexy. I want to worship you. I humbly request access to your slave application

Goddess Christina is my passion. few days ago, I have seen the preview of the clip "Worship My Boots", since I know where my place is. The incredible beauty of Goddess Christina, her extremely attractive face, her perfectly toned body, her long legs and her very dominant appearance have led me to be her slave. I don't have much money, but from now on I will work harder. I also had to make a decision - my girlfriend or Goddess Christina. Of course Goddess Christina is the No. 1 in my life, so I break up with my girlfriend. She means absolutely nothing to me in contrast to Goddess Christina. Goddess Christina will determine my life from now on. My money belongs from now on to Goddess Christina. I will worship Goddess Christina. I will adore Goddess Christina. I will obey Goddess Christina. I'm going to be very loyal to Goddess Christina. I'll Goddess Christina never disappoint.

Its only been hours since I have come across Goddess Christina and I cannot stop stroking. This is already my second praise but I feel I must praise more. I have purchased 10 clips, sent her tribute, bought her gifts off her WL, been on my knees, signed up for Instagram just to be flooded with her photos, and have mindlessly stroked to her like a drooling zombie for hours.

I bought the fuck yourself clip not knowing what to expect, by the end of the clip I knew there was never any going back from this beautiful goddess, she showed me exactly who was in control. Goddess Christina is the ultimate goddess and we should consider ourselves lucky to be able to worship.

Goddess Christina has taken me by storm. I was already a stroking addict before finding her but she is quickly turning me into a mindless stroking zombie. I cannot keep my hands off my cock. Stroking to her is all I want to do. Pleasing her is all I want to do. She makes me so weak. Mouth open, drooling like a drone when her clips and images penetrate my mind. I'm noticing that when I walk around my mouth is hanging open and I am mindlessly staring off into the distance with racing thoughts of her consuming me. I love praising her and find myself returning to this site multiple times a day.

Thankyou my goddess. I am your slave. I bow before you and apologise that I have only just found you. I have only just found my purpose. I exist to serve you. You are perfection. You are my goddess. I belong to you, thank you so much for letting me worship your perfection.

My goddess I couldn't wait for the moderators to clear my worship before praising your perfection again. You have changed my life, I know now I am nothing, I exist only to serve you. My cock gets hard at the thought that you might read my words and see how much I love you. I am yours, mind, body and wallet. You are perfection. You are everything. My life is yours and I am proud to be your mindless slave. Thank you Goddess Christina for existing. Thank you for allowing me to worship. Thank you. I am your slave.

She is the downfall of so many men, Goddess Christina, with the honeyed voice. One look and She is deep inside your brain, Enslaving you. There is no other choice. You stroke your cock and gaze into Her eyes. This is like nothing you have ever known. She takes control of all your fantasies. You crave to give Her everything you own: Your mind, your money. Goddess is like air. Without Her you know you would surely die. Her face, Her breasts, Her flaming crimson hair Derange your senses, guide your destiny Toward the Rocks of Ruin. Does She care? So many men, so little time to spare.

when i bought one of your clips, i understand that You are a true goddess and you have a pure beauty. i don't think there isn't any men can say "no" to you. you have right to deserve whatever you want godddess

Such a beautiful and powerful woman, 1 clip was all it took for me to be put under her spell. She deserves to be worshiped and spoiled.

I know you hear this stuff all the time, but I just have to say, you have one of the top 5 bodies I have ever seen...maybe top 3. Whatever you're doing, keep that shit up because you are pretty much flawless.

I have been watching your video on leaving my wife about 4-6 times a day and experience masturbation bliss for the last 4 months since i randomly discovered you on the Internet. Finally the chance to buy your clips and stroking at will and learning full worship is stronger for me than my marriage and i filed for divorce last week. I hope you are right that I will be thanking you but I am certainly excited at the opportunity of having someone of your caliber as my object of devotion as opposed to my old fat wife. Fref

You drive me insane! You are so fukn hot!! xxoo P.S. MORE MORE MORE. Thank you. ;)

Dear glorious perfect GODdess Christina. You are perfection, power, beauty, genius wrapped up in the most breathtaking form a deity has ever appeared in. Please allow us your humble lowly worshipers to kneel before a shrine dedicated to your glory and pray to you. Allow us to pray before your image 5 times a day and also over our food. Outloud so all may hear. So we can spread your might to all those around us so they might convert to the church of GODdess Christina. Please give is permission to tithe to you. Please give us commandments and a bible to follow. Please give us life.

I bought one clip and then dropped $100 into my IWC account to buy more. Did not think twice. Already bought another (Denied for my peasure) INTOXICATING!! Sooooo addicting! I need to edge more for Goddess Christina. She makes me so mindless and zombie-like. She makes me so weak and helplessly aroused. I never want to cum. Only edge to fall deeper. I only wish I found her sooner.

Since I first saw her I was hooked. She is perfection

I was looking for a really nice video with amazing girl and I found you. I saw your beauty, your soft hair, your pretty face, your wonderful body, your perfect ass, your gorgeous breast and I was totally mesmerized. My dream and my addiction is you. You own me now... completely!

I just bought Goddess's "You're Buying" Clip. This is the first of her clips I have purchased and I will be buying many more. Goddess Christina is the hottest bratty goddess I have found and I have been searching for years now and having met many in person and online I have finally found the perfect Goddess to serve. Christina is a true Goddess in every way. Beautiful, Glamourous, Sexy, Bratty with a perfect fit body. I am addicted already!

I bought 1 clip, then ended up buying another 6, and sending a VS gift card, she is perfection and deserves to be treated right. I can only thank her for allowing me to try and prove my worth to her.

Goddess Christina is absolutely perfect. Not a flaw on her body and her personality fits the mold of a goddess to a T. It impossible to say no to her and I've fallen for her so hard.

You are a breath of fresh air I love your hair and your ass, I belong to you, you are my queen

Your highness is my new religion. I worship you every day in the morning when I wake up after a full night's sleep of dreaming of you, Goddess. And when I wake up I worship you. Thanks for your existence and I'm sorry I'm not the best slave.

hi goddess... I saw your picture and you made me fall in love ... the way you move, so sensual and determined , it drives me crazy ... I'm an idiot when I look at you... thank you goddess...

Goddess Christina is just so AMAZING I really don't know what to say

I just found Goddess Christina and I'm already addicted I'm crazy about all these clips they're just awesome and Goddess Christina is AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, LOVELY,FANTASTIC,SEXY,GORGEOUS, BREATHTAKING I'd go on but I don't know any other adjectives

I recently bought the clip \"Danger\" from Goddess, it broke me. I\'m at the point where I\'m rebuying it just so I can have it in 1080p as well as splurging on a several of her clips. It\'s only a matter of time until I\'m a hopeless addict but I can\'t resist. It\'s easier just to give in and let her take control.

I thought femdom videos were just something that turned me on and nothing more. After finding Goddess Christina, its clear to me that this isn\'t just a fetish, its a life calling. Goddess Christina is perfect and worthy of worship and praise. Goddess is my life now, and I couldn\'t be happier.

Goddess Christine is a absolute Goddess in every sense of this word... I found Goddess Christine a few days ago and since then I can't stop thinking about her.. I can't stop myself spending for her... I am really obsessed and becoming more and more addicted each day.. I want to please her and obey her for the rest of my life..

Goddess Christina is magnificent. Her video clips provoke, bait, and beguile till I have little more control over myself than does a mannequin. I hunger for Her to use me. I feel a weakness when I hear Her voice, subservience when I look in Her eyes, desire in every slight move She makes. She may lead me to ruination… but what a blissful ruination it will be.

i'm weak, desperate for attention from Goddess. i've crossed the threshold. i'll do anything within my power to please her. i'm an addict. i cannot control myself. i'm down on my knees. i do not exist without her acknowledgement. i worship her perfect body from head to toe. i crave her words and live to be mindfucked by her. i work hard so i can make her life better.

Goddess Christina is perfection. A true Superior Goddess. My little cock is so sore from all the masturbating over Her amazing beauty and clips. I feel so inferior as I worship her beauty.

Due to financial reasons--i.e. the sudden realization that i could not longer control my spending in relation to Goddess Christina--i stopped serving Her. Now, a few months later i'm weak and desperate and of course completely ignored by Her. Foolishly, i've started watching Her clips again. i no longer exist, i crave Her perfect bubble ass swaying in my face. Likely, i'm forever in the dog house, ignored completely, and yet my pathetic ass is still trying to figure out a way to be a part of Her world!

Goddess Christina has me so mind fucked. I never imagined I would fall so hard for her. Yet her I am again on my knees worshiping her. She has turned me into her cum eating jerk off zombie bitch. Now after purchasing her clip Denied for My Pleasure she has me edging for her for seven days. I never thought I could experience agony and bliss at the same time. Thank You Goddess Christina.

Goddess Christina is the hottest woman I have ever seen, and she knows how to use that! I have been nothing but a pathetic loser before I found her. Now I have purpose: to spoil her, moan her name while I jerk and my hag wife snores in bed. I am in love!

I'm under instructions to edge only no cumming allowed and just watched 'Brat Fucks Over Neighbor' I wanted to cum so bad it hurts. Goddess has me so helpless for her. The video is fantastic and the production is really neat great edits and effects. Goddess Christina is one sexy powerful young woman.

Goddess Christina has me on a 7 day edging programme and I can't stop thinking about her. I've brought 16 videos of her excellence but Denied For My Pleasure is the one that has me totally hooked. I've received email instructions to pay a $100 cum tax on day 7 and I'm finding it hard to wait. I brought a wishlist item as thanks for her email. I wish I didn't have such an expensive taste but I can't help myself where Goddess Christina is concerned her beauty and dominate nature is too much for a weak loser to resist. Thank you Goddess for allowing me to worship and making such amazing videos that I watch over and over.

I stumbled across Goddess Christina this morning and I have been buying and worshipping all day. I love buying on iwantclips and seeing the astronomical number of clip views she has and knowing how many thousands of other cocks she has enslaved with her mesmerizing beauty.

Your hot body controls my weak mind, making it weaker each day. i had an excessive stroking problem before i met You, now it's accelerated to all new levels under Your influence. Spending on You $ is now as pleasurable as stroking to my fantasies of being controlled by You. i visit Your wishlist multiples time per day to plan for Your next gifts. Soon i'll be buying a custom clip in which i've asked You to essentially wreck my relationship with my gf. Hearing You debase her drives me crazy, and as with all things relating to You, i cannot get enough. i want to humiliate her more and more to please You. i am a pathetic loser, hopelessly addicted and obsessed. i crave Your pics, clips, emails and instant messages. i keep telling myself that i'll do whatever it takes to please You. i'm so grateful for the opportunity to serve and worship You.

Simply the most stunning Goddess in every way. Completely under her spell and just want to serve this stunning vision. I cannot get Goddess Christina out of my mind at all..and don't want to. I want to become more and more devoted to her in every way. Goddess I am yours!

Thank You so much for allowing me to kiss Your perfect ass, Goddess! You have the most beautiful ass in the world, and I am SOOOO lucky to be able to kiss it on my computer screen!

Thank You Goddess, for being real Thank You Goddess, for allowing us to worship You Thank You Goddess, for allowing us to spoil You Thank You Goddess, for allowing us to suffer for You Because without You Goddess, this existence will be hollow and bland. Thank You Goddess Christina!

Being one of the biggest losers around, i realize how lucky i am to be owned by Goddess Christina. i will strive to be the best slave i can be for Her benefit. i will work hard to increase my income and decrease spending on myself so that She may have more. It is only through money and gifts that i have a chance to call myself Her slave.

When watching Please and Obey clip i was immediately blown away. You look so hot in every way it's just ridiculous. i told myself i would put off the two tasks presented in the clip--tribute and gift purchase. Yet, within minutes i found myself opening my browser to Your iwantclips store and sending You a $50 tribute. As soon as i finished that transaction i immediately visited Your amazon wishlist and bought You a present. i realize it is not wise for me to walk this path, yet once i hear Your voice and see Your hot body and perfect hair and face, i cannot control myself with the desire to please You in hopes of gaining some of Your precious attention. i am lost. i am addicted.

The desire to worship and spoil Your perfect, hot ass has taken root in my lonely mind and now i fear i may not be able to turn back. The craving to see You intensifies and pushes me to my knees.

Recently discovered Goddess Christina on twitter, and i must say She takes the hottest selfies i've personally ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous Lady!

All it took was watching one of your clips and now I can't get you out of my mind. Every day your control over me grows stronger. You are true Goddess in every way and I can't help but fall to my knee's before you.

Goddess Christina is absolutely irresistible, her beauty will have you down on your knee's worshiping her in no time.

Having only just encountered Goddess Christina I am already held in awe of this Divine Goddesses Beauty and Power. My locked cock throbs and aches at the mere sight of this perfect Woman and any time she utters my name i grow weaker for her Heavenly Attention.

My beloved Goddess Christina, I have been edging more for you lately than I ever have before in my life. To stroke my cock so often, holding back at the last possible minute, simply because you have instructed me to do so is incredibly erotic. I’m still understanding why that is, but there is no denying my desire to please you and the sexual pleasure i receive from it. Looking forward to seeing you again, and allowing my mind to wander in anticipation of the next video. You are the most beautiful, desirable and powerful woman I have ever known.

When i first saw you, I was filled with awe. You look so stunning and beautiful that I would give my paycheck to you. I was born to worship a alpha Goddess like you. I would worship you until my last breath.

I had the honor and privilege to see you and I was totally blown away. You simply left me speechless, weak and feeling vulnerable and in awe of your perfection Goddess. I can't believe women like you exist and especially love that you have a Domme side and know how to use your beauty and power to your advantage. You are certainly the type of woman I have always dreamt about being with but never man enough to ever get. So I will keep dreaming and worshiping a perfect Goddess like you.

I have fallen under Goddess Christina's spell in such a rapid descent I'm almost overwhelmed. She is simply stunning and I cannot get enough of promoting her clips and featuring her on Twitter. I hope to do so much more for you through my blog in the future Goddess. You are an amazing woman and are truly Alpha in every way!

I stumbled upon Goddess' clip store by chance. I have been dabbling in online femdom clips for many years - it has always seemed a game. Beautiful dominatrix's come and go, their clips rise and fall. Until the day Goddess Christina made it all too real. I have never felt such passion, such need for a Goddess, for a person I have never and will never meet in person. I got down on my knees in worship while I watched her on my computer screen - the first time I have ever done that. I want to be owned by her - I understand that all before was a game and Goddess Christina is reality. Her perfection of mind and body has made me acknowledge that I am a loser, and that only She can make my existence mean anything. This after watching only a few short clips...I dream of the and sacrifice and ecstasy the future will hold.

I saw you one day and was filled with feelings I never had before. With desire, of course, because of your charm and physical perfection, but also an overwhelming, visceral need to be devoted to you, to dedicate myself to your happiness. Since then, you have filled my waking hours, and my dreams. I have never known the feelings you have awakened in me, and I have been trying to pay some form of tribute to you every day. You are true perfection and I am privileged and thrilled to be owned by you.

I saw the Goddess and she immediately found out all my weaknesses and fetishes and used them against me. She turned me into a weak, horny fool within minutes. Since then i have been in a downward spiral of lust and submission. She is all i think about and all i want. Her videos are so erotic and bring me to my knees almost instantly. I now live to spoil and worship her. There are times when i wonder if She is good for me, but i cant resist Her. No girl has ever made me as hard and horny as She does. I would feel pathetic if it didn't turn me on so much. I love HER and i love being owned by HER!

This women will pretty much make you love to hate her, and even though you despise her -- you beg to see her assets. Pretty much anything to make her happy! She does it really well.

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