Rules of Servitude

  1. Tribute Me –  All of my subs/slaves are expected to tribute me on a regular basis. I am only interested in FINANCIAL SLAVES, not task/homework slaves. This is how you express your dedication and appreciation. I expect this from you consistently! When you get paid I get paid. See my tributes page for further guidance.
  2. I am always in control – not you. You are a lowly slave. A servant. Paypig. A little fucking loser. You will obey your Goddess.
  3. Have Money to Spend – I have no interest in wannabe paypigs or broke losers. I am a Goddess and I deserve only the best. If you find yourself short on cash you will need to make some sacrifices for me. There are plenty of ways to save money so you can continue to give to your Goddess!
  4. Refer to Me as Goddess – I am your dominant superior and you will only address me as Goddess. You will respect me at all times.
  5. You will ask for permission to touch yourself – You do not have the right to make decisions for yourself. I control you and you will respect me by asking for permission.
  6. You will not cum without my permission – I will decide whether you are allowed to experience any pleasure. It is your job to please me. It’s not the other way around. Tribute your Goddess like a good little paypig and I will decide whether you are allowed to cum.
  7. You will keep contact with your Goddess – You will check it in with me to see if there are ways that you can better serve me. When I say this I do not mean blowing me up with messages. What I do mean is that I expect you to touch base with me every couple days. Ask if there are things that you may tribute for or things that I might have you do to make my Goddess life easier. If I do not hear from you for a week or more I will consider you a disloyal deserted slave.
  8. You will always be respectful to your Goddess – Again – you will respect me at all times. If you choose to be rude or disrespectful in any way I will not hesitate to ban you and remove you from all communications. I don’t need you. You need me. Think before you do. This is your warning!
  9. I do not get naked – Again – I do not get naked in my clips or on cam. Do not request this. It’s not going to happen. You do not deserve to see me. I am superior to you. You can’t handle my gorgeous naked body.


Repeat the following:


I am your loyal slave

My purpose is to please you

I will obey the rules that you have established

I will do all that I can to bring you pleasure

I will Tribute you to show you my devotion

I will serve you any way you see fit

I worship you with all that I am

and I worship all that you are.