What are your fetishes?

I am a financial domination Goddess so it should be no surprise to you that my No. 1 fetish is cold hard cash. I love taking your money piggy. NOTHING pleases me more!


What should I call you?

You will call me Goddess or Goddess Christina.


Can I see you naked?

Forget it. You are my paypig. You are not worthy. You are only good as my human atm.


What do you want in a slave?

Obedience, generosity, servitude.


What do you dislike?

Time wasters, disrespectful idiots that think they are submissive, cheap needy losers, and liars.


I’m a paypig. How can I begin serving the amazing financial domination Goddess that you are?

Congratulations. You have finally found purpose in your pathetic life – to serve me. You will be very useful as my little cash piggy or you will get lost. Fuck you pay me! Tributes are the only way to get my attention.

  1. Send me a Tribute (impress me oinker). This is the only way I know that you’re not a time waster and that you truly have what it takes to please me.
  2. Regularly buy my clips on iWantChristina.com, GoddessClips4Sale.com or http://www.kinkbomb.com/studio/goddess-christina/


Goddess, you are intimidating. What should I do?

I understand that you may be intimidated by my perfection. I am the financial domination goddess of your dreams. You just can’t get enough of me. You can start by Tributing my perfection and then proceed to purchase my clips from my clip stores. In addition you can spoil me by purchasing items from my Amazon Wishlist. Learn more about how you can show your devotion to me on my Tribute page.


I am a money slave but I am not into humiliation. Can I still serve you?

Yes. It is your responsibility to make me aware of this during our initial communication. Even though you may not want to be called a loser, you need to understand that I am still superior to you and I deserve to be served, worshiped and spoiled beyond belief. Don’t act like a dumb ass, idiot or loser if you don’t want to be called one. If you act like a loser pussy boy shoving things up your ass on cam you will be treated like the loser pussy boy you are. Understand?


I’m a broke loser and I want to serve you but I don’t have a lot of money. Can I still serve you?

If you are a broke loser then you’re at the wrong place. I suggest you go save your money and come back and see me when you have more to offer. You can always start worshiping me by purchasing my videos from iWantClips.com while you work hard to save more money and serve me. You can also buy me smaller items from my Wishlist to show me your devotion. Some of the little sexy outfits and items that I use when I film my femdom clips are not very expensive. Wouldn’t you feel like such a good little servant if you saw an item you got featured in one of my clips. Of course you would! Now go get busy and work harder to make my money!


I want to worship you 24/7. Is it okay to stalk you? Will you meet up with me?

Absolutely not! Do not even consider showing up at my house or try to conveniently bump into me in public. It’s completely unacceptable and will only get you hurt or put in jail. I would not even consider meeting up with a slave or sub unless they have served me for a great amount of time and they have gained my complete trust.


Are you single. Do you have a boyfriend or are you married? 

I’m a young and beautiful Goddess. What do you think? Of course someone as perfect as me has an Alpha male in my life.


Do you do custom clips Goddess?

Yes I do custom clips. Email your requests to EroticGoddessxx (at) gmail.com. Custom clips start at $200 for the first 10 min and $10/minute thereafter. I will reply with my approval or disapproval. See my custom femdom clips page.


What is your mailing address?

Attn: Christina
1121 W Price Blvd #108
North Port, FL 34288